In the last few weeks of the STAND Project and following the completion of the STAND Handbook, the Methodological Guide, and the STAND Platform, all partners have organized final conferences/events to disseminate the project’s results.

The final events for the STAND Project were conducted by the partners between November and December 2023. Each partner had the opportunity to present the main results of the STAND Project and to organize additional activities or speeches for the audience.

The main results presented to the participants by all partners were as follows:

  • The MOOC Platform
  • The Methodological guide and the conducted workshops
  • The STAND Handbook and the info-session
  • The STAND website and the project’s social media.



Greece  🇬🇷

The Greek partners conducted a small workshop where participants tested the MOOC Platform and some of the digital tools, after the facilitator presented the main result of the project. To be more exact, participants of the conference where able to test in real time digital tools as Pixton, Canva and Scribble maps and how to use them in the classroom.





Poland 🇵🇱

The participants of the Poland event had the opportunity to exchange experiences regarding the use of digital tools. This exchange took place during a group discussion where all participants shared their understanding of digital readiness using Mentimeter.


Italy 🇮🇹

The Italian partners, after presenting the main results of the project, invited an external expert to intervene. Specifically, a police inspector spoke about the risks of the internet and the legal aspects related to them, emphasizing the importance of awareness and attentiveness among educators, parents, and guardians. In the end, they gave the floor to the teachers who participated in all phases of the project. Five teachers and one parent contributed to the discussion.

Spain 🇪🇦

Spanish partners after the presentation of the STAND results they had also invited an expert to give a speech for the participants. The expert was David Bueno, specialist in neuroeducation. One of the highlights of the Spanish event was the attendance of the STAND consortium, as they were in Girona for their meeting.




Testimonial from the Facilitators of the Events

People who attended to the event found the small interactive workshop useful and different from other events that they had participated. They were engaged in discussions concerning the utilization of digital tools within the school framework, exploring what is currently lacking or needed. The educators were really interested on how they can enhance not only their own skills but also those of their students.

-Greek Facilitator

We were delighted that the participants took the floor, expressed their thoughts, and learned from a specialist. The fact that it focused on learning and new technologies, a current and relevant issue, was truly appreciated by everyone in attendance.

-Spanish Facilitator

Participants were interested in the use of results with their students in the next semester. Some remarks were shared about the importance of having all materials in Polish so more persons can use them, in this or other Erasmus Plus projects.

Polish Facilitator

The event was successful, and we realized once again how the topic is interesting and “hot” for teachers and parents, being the digital world continuously changing, they feel the need to be up to date to be able to support their kids. Very deep and participative discussions were opened, with questions and answers, opinions, and feedback from all the presents.

 –Italian Facilitator